The Instagram Accounts Every Traveler Should Follow

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While a well written article may have the power to transport a reader from their desk chair to an exotic location, photos are truly worth a thousand words and will show more color and vibrancy than adjectives can portray. In travel especially, photographs have the ability to both inspire and illicit reactions as people day dream about walking along charming cobblestone streets in Paris or exploring Gaudi’s bright mosaics in Barcelona. While I can leverage descriptive writing to describe the hot pink dragon fruits being sold on the streets of New York’s Chinatown and the unexpected pops of color on the streets, a simple picture will always add more flourish to a story.


instagramnycWhen it comes to travel writing, I often peruse Instagram to connect with other travel bloggers and gain inspiration for my own photography. Instagram photos can run the gamut from “aww” inducing animal shots, serene landscapes and iconic travel images. Of the hundreds of thousands of Instagram users who upload photos of everything from a delicious looking meal to an idyllic sunset, the following 10 Instagram users both inspire my own photography, have managed to generate a following and share gorgeous snapshots that fuel my wanderlust and remind to appreciate the simple things in life.



Brooke Saward is a globetrotter turned successful travel blogger and author whose award-winning blog, World of Wanderlust, has grown to over 300,000 views and shares stunning imagery of the world alongside compelling stories. Having worked with numerous tourism boards, hotels and traveled across continents, Brooke is permanently living out of a suitcase and fueling the wanderlust of her many fans and readers.  On her Instagram account, Brooke shares beautiful pictures of her travels that will have you running for your passport and the nearest airport!

World of Wanderlust Instagram


Photographer and designer, VuTheara Kham, is based in Paris and captures daily life in La Ville Lumiere. His photos are a testament to the unyielding beauty that infuses Paris–from its sidewalk cafes to the many bridges crossing the Seine. Seeming to use no filters or photo tricks, VuTheara’s images are clean, colorful and true to the city.

VuTheara Kham Instagram


Simple images bursting with colors, cheerful snapshots of handwoven cloths and their makers–The Little Market’s instagram account is as lovely and inspiring as their business model. The Little Market is a charming online shop that works with artisan groups from around the world. In an effort to empower female artisans, help them rise above poverty and preserve their traditional craft, The Little Market created a marketplace to connect these women with customers. Sourcing all of the artisan’s handmade products ethically, The Little Market supports talented women from Bolivia, Nepal, Kenya, India, Senegal and more. The Little Market’s Instagram account shares simple product shots and photos of the smiling artisans behind the crafts.

The Little Market Instagram


Travel blogger, Katie Cook, seems to live la vie en rose–seeing the world through shades of optimism, kindness and beauty. Having traveled the world with her husband and infused her adventures with faith and grace, her website and Instagram feed serve as an inspiration. Her Instagram photos are a combination of breath taking travel shots and loving scenes with friends and her husband.

Hope Engaged Instagram


Austin based photographer, Emily Blincoe, shares unique imagery of her daily life in Texas and travels. Often focusing on something as simple as fresh peaches or a well set table, Emily’s photos are less about travel inspiration and more about appreciating the simpler things in life.

Thug Life Instagram


If looking to follow an Instagram account that will inspire you to book your next vacation, look no further than Zach Glassman’s Instagram feed. Zach is the son of a wanderlust mother and a travel-writing father who ment on a bus in Guatemala. His travel-infused background inspired his own work as Zach went on to find popular travel site, Passion Passport.

zachspassport instagram


In 2008, Jodi Ettenberg quit her job as a lawyer and swapped business suits for a backpack as she set out to travel the world. Documenting her travels on her site, Legal Nomads, Jodi continues to globe trot around the world and share her stories with her many fans and followers. On her Instagram account, Jodi shares snapshots from her journey and culinary adventures.

Legal Nomads Instagram


Social media maven, Julie Lee uses only an iPhone 5 to capture the bright photos of savory eats that she shares on her Instagram feed. Although Julie’s Instagram is not focused on travel, her images are an inspiration and excellent example of how to make the most of this social platform. While some people tend to overexpose their images, layer on filters and ultimately take away from the photo–Julie’s pictures are simple, clean and rely on the beauty of what is being featured.

julie's kitchen instagram


Audrey Bergner is the blogger behind ThatBackpacker, a travel blog (that is one of my favorites!) where she chronicles her adventures, life abroad and shares tips with other travelers. Audrey has spent time teaching English in Korea, living the ex-pat life in Thailand and backpacking around Europe. On her Instagram account, Audrey shares photos of her travels around the world.

that backpacker instagram



When I first started travel blogging I remember perusing the internet for other travel sites for guidance. Being fairly new to the business of serious blogging, I looked towards successful travel bloggers who had already paved the way towards well-received sites and large fan bases. It was in the early stages of this blog that I came across The Lazy Travelers, Ashley and Carolyn. These two best friends turned their love of travel into a site where readers could share their adventures and feel as though they were part of this dynamic friendship. Similarly, The Lazy Travelers’ Instagram feed is full of stunning landscapes and travel shots.

the lazy travelers instagram






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    Thanks for the links! I love travel bloggers and travel photography and am always looking for new ones to follow.

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