Parc Guell Barcelona Spain

The Top 5 Things To Do in Barcelona

From tapas and wine to the sights of La Rambla, to Gaudi’s Parc Güell, La Sagrada Familia and Casa Batlló to the food of Mercat de la Boqueria; the things to be seen in Barcelona are endless. If headed on holiday to Spain, the following are the must have experiences for every traveler.

Travel Tinggly Giveaway

Giveaway: Win the Travel Experience of a Lifetime!

I am thrilled to announce a giveaway in partnership with Tinggly, to give one lucky reader the travel experience of a lifetime! Whether your dream is to walk with monks in Nepal, go on a safari in Africa, sail down the Mekong Delta in Vietnam, fall in love on a gondola ride in Venice or ride camels in Morocco, Tinggly is an amazing company that scours the world to curate a collection of the most adventurous, romantic, memorable and exciting experiences in 70 countries.

General Pakenham's Final Supper NOLA 3

An Evening Dining in 1800s New Orleans

All of a sudden my iPhone and Nikon seemed very out of place as I stepped into the Bourbon Orleans Hotel, as part of the New Orleans Hotel Collection, and found myself surrounded by guests donning attire from the 1800s. I was attending General Pakenham’s Final Supper; a culinary event and New Orleans tradition that celebrates the history of the Battle of New Orleans of 1812.


The Ultimate Solo Travel Playlist

While solo traveling in Argentina and Uruguay, I found music to be one of my best companions–whether I was on a shaky flight to Iguazu, a ferry ride to Uruguay or making the trip between New York and Buenos Aires. My “Solo Travel” playlist both inspired and uplifted me during my trip. If headed on a solo travel adventure, consider the following music as the soundtrack to your trip.


Ways to Tackle Loneliness While Solo Traveling

  It was a gloomy morning on that third day in Buenos Aires and the clouds and cold gathering outside my hostel window were hardly inviting. For one reason or another, I had woken up feeling under the weather and laid in bed feeling cripplingly alone. It was my first time solo traveling and that… [Read More]

travel writing

Zero to Travel: How to Get Paid to Travel as a Freelance Writer

Recently, I was interviewed by Jason of the Zero to Travel podcast for an episode on how one gets paid to freelance write and how to start a travel blog. If you have ever pondered these questions yourself, than take a listen to this episode where I not only share my experiences but also my secrets to getting paid to see the world, reviewing hotels and running The Pin the Map Project.

travel instagrams of 2015

Travel Instagrams to Follow in 2015

Of the hundreds of thousands of Instagram users who upload photos of everything from a delicious looking meal to an idyllic sunset, the following 10 Instagram users both inspire my own photography, have managed to generate a following and share gorgeous snapshots that fuel my wanderlust and remind to appreciate the simple things in life.


The “Wellness March” Challenge

  It’s said the night is darkest before the dawn and the end of February felt quite dark–between the frigid temperatures that wove its way around New York City to the snow turned slush that seeped into our shoes, this past month seemed to stretch on in a parade of gloomy days. Perhaps it was… [Read More]

Should you Date a traveler

Love On the Road: Should You Date a Traveler?

Writer Virgina Wolf once wrote that “across the broad continent of a woman’s life falls the shadow of a sword.” She argued that on one side of that sword rests convention, order and tradition where the ideals of a “normal life” as dictated by society are revered. On the other side of that sword was spontaneity, chaos and confusion and that if a woman was mad enough to cross over, her life would prove perilous but infinitely more interesting.

the stigma of travelers

The Stigma of Being a Traveler

Recently, the folks at College Humor released a new video of what it’s like to have one of those friends who seem to have a bottomless bank account and an unwavering sense of wanderlust. Admittedly, the video got me thinking about what it means to be a traveler (as well as hoping my friends never see me coming off as airy and flippant like the cartoon-ish girl in this clip).

Hand Luggage Only Travel Interview 2

The Traveler Series: Yaya & Lloyd of Hand Luggage Only

Meet Yaya and Lloyd, these two UK based travel writers stand at the helm of the wildly popular travel website, Hand Luggage Only. What started as a mere idea back in 2012 is now an online destination for readers to fuel their wanderlust, learn tricks to improving their photography and share tips on travel planning.


A Romantic Photo Tour of Paris

  Paris has that certain je ne sais quoi that sets it apart from other cities as it seems to have a veil of romance draped over its cobble stone streets. From the deep green stalls that dot the Left bank of the Seine–selling everything from tattered novels to postcards–to the colorful pastries on display at Laduree,… [Read More]

On assignment in Paris

A Guide to Landing Free Travel Perks

Welcome to the world of travel perks. As I navigate the world of travel writing, freelancing and travel blogging; I have officially crossed over into that funny realm where my bank account can afford me a hostel yet I’ll find myself staying at a gorgeous hotel and dining at a Michelin-star restaurants. So, how do I do it? From getting published to approaching brands, below I share my tips to landing travel perks of your own.