Review: The Mandarin Oriental in Atlanta

Review: The Mandarin Oriental in Atlanta

  This past March, I had the utmost pleasure of attending the Laughing Skull comedy festival in Atlanta, Georgia. After writing up a story about the underground comedy scene in New York City and the countless rising comics who live in the Big Apple, I decided to follow my writing to this national festival where… [Read More]


5 Reasons to Visit Ethiopia

Ethiopia is a vibrant county whose storied history can still be seen today in the historical tombs and treasures scattered throughout the country and set against the diverse landscape. Of the countless reasons to put Ethiopia on your radar, below are five of the most notable reasons to visit Ethiopia; the rest is up to you to discover!

A Guide to Dubai for First Time Visitors

A Guide to Dubai for First Time Visitors

Home to idyllic views, indulgent food and colorful souks, Dubai is welcoming to newcomers and makes it seamless to navigate its culture. If heading to Dubai for the first time, consider this your quick guide to the must-visit places in this unforgettable city.

Loire Valley Castles

Embracing Solo Travel Before you Board the Plane

Looking back at my first solo adventure to Argentina last August, I could never have anticipated how life altering, empowering and challenging solo travel would prove. I couldn’t have known then how I would face all facets of my personality, how I would swing through the spectrum of my emotions and learn to be my own best friend.

Pin the Map Travel Style Essentials

The Pin the Map Travel Style Essentials

In the time that I’ve globe-trotted–from solo traveling in Argentina to reviewing hotels in Europe to heading on assignment in Colombia later this month–I’ve picked up a few travel style essentials that have become ingrained in my wardrobe and beauty selections. Whether hoisting my favorite camera bag on my shoulder or pulling on my favorite motorcycle jacket, the following items are as synonymous with my style as The Pin the Map Project is with my travels.

The Friends we Have (and Lose) in our Twenties

The Friends we Have (and Lose) in our Twenties

In your twenties you watch as a parade of friends cross the stage of your life in a brilliant display of meaningful friendships, short lived encounters and superficial acquaintances. It’s been said that our twenties are the most formative years we’ll experience for it is only in our twenties do we truly grow and learn who we are and what we want out of life. All of a sudden friendships become less about quantity over quality, and surrounding yourself with people who make your life better becomes paramount.


The Fight for the Congo’s Virunga National Park

Last night I watched the powerful documentary, Viruga, and with tears steaming down my face felt that all too familiar feeling of both inspiration and frustration. Inspired by those fighting to change the world; frustrated by feeling helpless to help change it, I pulled out the only weapon I have: my words.

bug tasting event

The New Culinary Frontier: Eating Insects

I imagined my one bite of cricket would prepare me for the stomach-churning menu prepared by chef David George Gordon, known as the “bug chef” for his culinary masterpieces and published book Eat-a-Bug Cookbook. Chef Gordon had prepared (brace yourself) cockroach canapés, tempura tarantulas, bacon-wrapped crickets from Cambodia and Oaxaca grasshopper kebabs.


The Honest Guide to Making Money as a Freelance Writer/Blogger

Recently I had the pleasure of being interviewed for the Zero to Travel podcast to share my tips on getting paid to travel as a freelance writer (if you missed it, you can take a listen here). Talking travel with Zero to Travel host and founder, Jason Moore, was a real treat because in the year since I’ve launched The Pin the Map Project, I hadn’t really sat down and discussed with anyone the whirlwind adventure of going from point A of launching a blog to point B of traveling on assignment and earning money from my writing.


Announcing the Launch of Pin the Map TV

I am thrilled to announce the launch of The Pin the Map Project video channel that will add to the stories and photography I show by allowing people to experience a destination with me. From clips of my press trip to Miami’s Little Havana to solo traveling through Iguazu, make sure to check out the travel videos!

Parc Guell Barcelona Spain

The Top 5 Things To Do in Barcelona

From tapas and wine to the sights of La Rambla, to Gaudi’s Parc Güell, La Sagrada Familia and Casa Batlló to the food of Mercat de la Boqueria; the things to be seen in Barcelona are endless. If headed on holiday to Spain, the following are the must have experiences for every traveler.

Travel Tinggly Giveaway

Giveaway: Win the Travel Experience of a Lifetime!

I am thrilled to announce a giveaway in partnership with Tinggly, to give one lucky reader the travel experience of a lifetime! Whether your dream is to walk with monks in Nepal, go on a safari in Africa, sail down the Mekong Delta in Vietnam, fall in love on a gondola ride in Venice or ride camels in Morocco, Tinggly is an amazing company that scours the world to curate a collection of the most adventurous, romantic, memorable and exciting experiences in 70 countries.

General Pakenham's Final Supper NOLA 3

An Evening Dining in 1800s New Orleans

All of a sudden my iPhone and Nikon seemed very out of place as I stepped into the Bourbon Orleans Hotel, as part of the New Orleans Hotel Collection, and found myself surrounded by guests donning attire from the 1800s. I was attending General Pakenham’s Final Supper; a culinary event and New Orleans tradition that celebrates the history of the Battle of New Orleans of 1812.


The Ultimate Solo Travel Playlist

While solo traveling in Argentina and Uruguay, I found music to be one of my best companions–whether I was on a shaky flight to Iguazu, a ferry ride to Uruguay or making the trip between New York and Buenos Aires. My “Solo Travel” playlist both inspired and uplifted me during my trip. If headed on a solo travel adventure, consider the following music as the soundtrack to your trip.


Ways to Tackle Loneliness While Solo Traveling

  It was a gloomy morning on that third day in Buenos Aires and the clouds and cold gathering outside my hostel window were hardly inviting. For one reason or another, I had woken up feeling under the weather and laid in bed feeling cripplingly alone. It was my first time solo traveling and that… [Read More]

travel writing

Zero to Travel: How to Get Paid to Travel as a Freelance Writer

Recently, I was interviewed by Jason of the Zero to Travel podcast for an episode on how one gets paid to freelance write and how to start a travel blog. If you have ever pondered these questions yourself, than take a listen to this episode where I not only share my experiences but also my secrets to getting paid to see the world, reviewing hotels and running The Pin the Map Project.