Should you Date a traveler

Love On the Road: Should You Date a Traveler?

Writer Virgina Wolf once wrote that “across the broad continent of a woman’s life falls the shadow of a sword.” She argued that on one side of that sword rests convention, order and tradition where the ideals of a “normal life” as dictated by society are revered. On the other side of that sword was spontaneity, chaos and confusion and that if a woman was mad enough to cross over, her life would prove perilous but infinitely more interesting.

the stigma of travelers

The Stigma of Being a Traveler

Recently, the folks at College Humor released a new video of what it’s like to have one of those friends who seem to have a bottomless bank account and an unwavering sense of wanderlust. Admittedly, the video got me thinking about what it means to be a traveler (as well as hoping my friends never see me coming off as airy and flippant like the cartoon-ish girl in this clip).

Hand Luggage Only Travel Interview 2

The Traveler Series: Yaya & Lloyd of Hand Luggage Only

Meet Yaya and Lloyd, these two UK based travel writers stand at the helm of the wildly popular travel website, Hand Luggage Only. What started as a mere idea back in 2012 is now an online destination for readers to fuel their wanderlust, learn tricks to improving their photography and share tips on travel planning.


A Romantic Photo Tour of Paris

  Paris has that certain je ne sais quoi that sets it apart from other cities as it seems to have a veil of romance draped over its cobble stone streets. From the deep green stalls that dot the Left bank of the Seine–selling everything from tattered novels to postcards–to the colorful pastries on display at Laduree,… [Read More]

On assignment in Paris

A Guide to Landing Free Travel Perks

Welcome to the world of travel perks. As I navigate the world of travel writing, freelancing and travel blogging; I have officially crossed over into that funny realm where my bank account can afford me a hostel yet I’ll find myself staying at a gorgeous hotel and dining at a Michelin-star restaurants. So, how do I do it? From getting published to approaching brands, below I share my tips to landing travel perks of your own.

main courtyard at the Hotel Mazarin

Review: Hotel Mazarin in New Orleans

As part of the New Orleans Hotel Collection, the Hotel Mazarin is a true diamond of the French Quarter with its 102 brilliant, spacious rooms and European style courtyard. Located just half a block away from Bourbon Street, the Hotel Mazarin is a unique juxtaposition of serene accommodations set a short walk away from the frivolity of Bourbon Street’s bars.

the pin the map project

How to Travel the World with a Full Time Job

What started as an idea to travel the world, became a balancing act of walking the fine line between planning for the future and living in the present by finding ways to satisfy my love of travel while holding a full time job. This guide shares ways to travel the world with a 9-5 career and make the most of those measly vacation days.


The Reality of Living on One Dollar a Day

More than 1 billion people live on under $1 a day and more than 80% of our global population lives on under $10 a day. In the new documentary, Living on One Dollar, four college boys head to rural Guatemala to experience extreme poverty first hand.


6 Things to Consider Before Going Freelance

As my first month of being a full-time freelance writer draws to a close, there are key lessons about freelancing to keep in mind. For those dreaming of putting in that two week notice and sitting with a cappuccino and laptop at your local coffee shop, consider these things before making the decision to go freelance.