A Guide to New York’s Hidden Speakeasies

Whether tucked away behind a store front or hidden behind the wall of a pawn shop, New York speakeasies take on an air of mystery, secrecy and excitement while giving a nod to the Prohibition era. The following 1920s inspired locales prove there is more than meets the eye.

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Breaking into Travel Writing 101

Even with a degree in journalism and a travel writing course at MatadorU under my belt, I am always learning new tricks when it comes to pitching editors, networking with other travelers and getting published. Here, I share my best tips on breaking into the wonderfully unpredictable, inspiring and beautiful world of travel writing.

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A Collection of Travel Quotes to Live By

During some of the darker moments of my life, quotes have acted like a port in the storm offering up a sort of safe haven to garner confidence from. When in love, quotes seem to resonate with every emotion from falling head over heels to standing the test of time; and in traveling my favorite sayings push me outside my comfort zone and inspire me to see the world. Rather than carry around a book of proverbs, today I simply have an ongoing note in my smartphone where I jot down quotes that catch my eye. Here are a few of my favorites.


The Traveler Series: Ashley of Ashley Abroad

This week on The Traveler Series, meet Ashley of Ashley Abroad. Ashley is a travel blogger who moved to Paris when she was 21 and has been traveling the world ever since! After growing up in Michigan and earning a degree in Advertising/PR, Ashley decided to ‘call it quits’ on normal and move to France. Her adventures abroad took her from the savory streets of Paris to motorcycling across Vietnam, to completing yoga training in India.


Review: Hostel Suites Palermo, Buenos Aires

Tucked away on the quiet street of Charcas in Palermo Soho rests the Hostel Suites Palermo, just 15 minutes away from downtown Buenos Aires. The chain, Hostel Suites, has locations throughout Argentina in Obelisco, Florida and Mendoza.   The Palermo location is set in a charming, restored house in a bustling neighborhood home to various bars, galleries… [Read More]


Serendipitous Encounters & 24 Hours in Iguazú

Legend has it that a deity fell in love with a beautiful woman named Naipai who in turn fell in love with a mortal man by the name of Taroba. Together Naipai and Taroba fled in his canoe, which infuriated the God and drove him mad with jealousy and rage. Impassioned, the God deeply sliced… [Read More]


Tips for the First Time Solo Female Traveler

Solo traveling is a growing phenomenon amongst women. Whether a woman should venture into the world solo is an ongoing debate that brings up questions of safety, health and security. Here I share practical tips and advice for the first time solo female traveler on what to expect, what to avoid and how to stay safe abroad.

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Tips for Exchanging Money on the Argentine Black Market

Thoughts of a black market usually conjure up images of back alley deals and shady transactions but the unofficial currency exchange in Argentina has become widely accepted despite happening “under the table.” While exchanging dollars in Argentina was a seamless process, there are practical tips to keep in mind when navigating the Argentine black market and seeking the unofficial rate.


The Pin the Map Project ‘One Lovely Blog Award’ Nomination

In the past, my readers have brought a huge smile to my face by nominating this blog for both the Liebster Award and Very Inspiring Blogger Award and I’m thrilled to share that The Pin the Map Project has been nominated for its third award, the One Lovely Blog Award, by fellow blogger, Christie, over at Heels and Hindsight.


Exploring the Impact of Tourism with “Gringo Trails”

Yesterday I had the pleasure of attending a screening of Gringo Trails, a documentary film that begs the question if tourists are destroying the planet or saving it? By following the stories of travelers from Bolivia to Thailand, Gringo Trails explores both the positive and (in the case of Haad Rin Beach) negative affects of tourism.

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Review: Eco Pampa Hostel, Buenos Aires

On my recent visit to Buenos Aires as a first time solo traveler, I was looking for a hostel in the charming neighborhood of Palermo Soho where I would be staying. The criteria for my hostel search was simple: a good location plus a clean and safe hostel conducive to social interactions would be just right and the Eco Pampa Hostel fit the bill perfectly.