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The Traveler Series: Christie Harger of Heels and Hindsight

This week on The Traveler Series meet Christie of travel blog, Heels and Hindsight.  Christie is a native of New Zealand and currently living in Melbourne, Australia. As a self-described geek and a Chartered Accountant, Christie loves to divulge her love of passion and writing in her spare time. Feeling that travel puts you in lots of funny situations… [Read More]

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Launch of The Pin the Map Project Video Channel!

I am thrilled to announce the launch of The Pin the Map Project video channel that will add to the stories and photography I show by allowing people to experience a destination with me. From clips of my press trip to Miami’s Little Havana to solo traveling through Iguazu, make sure to check out the travel videos!

Haunted Restaurants across the United States

This October rather than feign fear at a kitschy haunted house, explore the unexplained and unimaginable at a genuinely haunted locale. Whether dining alongside the spirit of former vice president Aaron Burr or feeling the touch of an ‘unknown presence,’ the following bars and eateries across the United States are said to serve up treats with a side of tricks.

New York Skyline

The Hustle of Travel Writing

Underneath the 400 word blog posts of idealistic imagery and description there is a real drive and hustle unfolding—especially for budding travel writers (like yours truly) that are caught somewhere between the constraints of routine and the freedom of travel writing. While most of my posts will regale my readers with details of freshly baked empanadas in Buenos Aires or visiting native tribes in Panama, that really is showing only one fraction of the larger picture.

Williamsburg Street Art, Brooklyn

In the Pursuit of Happiness

A wonderful man recently unveiled these mind-shattering concepts to me that have left me at both inspired and pondering the word “happiness.” As most travelers can attest to, we are quick to chalk up unhappiness to “post-vacation blues” and to attribute our happiness to the “high of wanderlust.”


The Reality of Publishing That Next Blog Post

While I often stand by my work proudly, the nature of this story begged that it be anonymous out of respect to my family, friends and those involved. The story was published on a popular website and within a day or two garnered over 1 million likes and thousands of comments that ran the gamut from harsh to supportive.

Miami Beach Cadillac Hotel

Review: Courtyard Cadillac Miami Beach Hotel

I am staying at the historic Courtyard Cadillac Hotel on Miami Beach, which has been open since the 1940s and has seen the likes of icons such as Frank Sinatra walk through its doors. Nestled feet away from the sand, the newly renovated Courtyard Cadillac is part of the Marriott group and features two pools, spacious rooms and fantastic ocean views. The hotel takes on the popular Miami Beach Deco style that is unique to the area.

Callaway Rose 2

The Traveler Series: Taylor Fields of Callaway Rose

This week on The Traveler Series, meet Taylor Fields of the beautiful travel blog, Callaway Rose. Having recently graduated from the University of Michigan, Taylor sold most of her belongings to purchase a round-the-world ticket. In an effort to pursue her travel writing, Taylor will be venturing to six continents, dozens of countries and countless cities to absorb as much culture, enjoy as much food and learn about as much local traditions as possible.

Travel Writing Press Trip

Confessions of a Travel Writer

My desk today is a tray table, my office is a Delta flight and the view from my window is 30,000 feet up in the sky with an endless vista of clouds and sunshine. I am en route to the Sunshine State for a press trip that will take me on a tour of Miami’s local restaurants and ethnic neighborhoods.

Panda Guides Review 4

Breaking into Travel Writing 101

Even with a degree in journalism and a travel writing course at MatadorU under my belt, I am always learning new tricks when it comes to pitching editors, networking with other travelers and getting published. Here, I share my best tips on breaking into the wonderfully unpredictable, inspiring and beautiful world of travel writing.

Jack Kerouac

A Collection of Travel Quotes to Live By

During some of the darker moments of my life, quotes have acted like a port in the storm offering up a sort of safe haven to garner confidence from. When in love, quotes seem to resonate with every emotion from falling head over heels to standing the test of time; and in traveling my favorite sayings push me outside my comfort zone and inspire me to see the world. Rather than carry around a book of proverbs, today I simply have an ongoing note in my smartphone where I jot down quotes that catch my eye. Here are a few of my favorites.