The Pin the Map Project Joins Mode Media!

SO excited to share the news that The Pin the Map Project has joined the Mode Media network (formerly Glam Media) as one of their newest lifestyle blogs under their travel vertical!! Mode Media is a network of top bloggers that reaches 406 million readers and is one of the fastest growing networks that is ranked #7 in the top 100 web properties in the world. Exciting things to come!


Why you Should add Namibia to your Travel List

  Last year, travel blogger Vera Pujadas of the travel site The Flash Window, had an unforgettable experience when she visited the southwest African contry of Namibia. Located by the Namib desert, along the Atlantic coast; Namibia is regaled for its wildlife (it is said to be home to a significant cheetah population!). With a diverse… [Read More]

essentials for the stylish traveler

Style Essentials for the Savvy Traveler

In the time that I’ve globe-trotted–from solo traveling in Argentina to reviewing hotels in Europe to heading on assignment in Colombia later this month–I’ve picked up a few travel style essentials that have become ingrained in my wardrobe and beauty selections. Whether hoisting my favorite camera bag on my shoulder or pulling on my favorite motorcycle jacket, the following items are as synonymous with my style as The Pin the Map Project is with my travels.

green cape town_annika ziehen

7 Green Getaways in Cape Town, South Africa

Guest blogger, Annika Ziehen, shares her experiences in Cape Town, South Africa and 7 green getaways you can enjoy there. Cape Town is known for vibrant city life and a cultural mix that reflects the South African rainbow nation at its best. It was Annika’s home for many years and will always hold a special place in her heart not only for its people and its city landscape but also for the spectacular surrounding scenery.

arepas con huevos

Checking into the Playa Manglares Hotel, Cartagena

The hotel I am staying at feels like visiting the beach home of a family friend; there is an open air kitchen with an honor system of taking snacks and drinks, there is a communal dining table surrounded by billowing white curtains where homemade arepas and fresh fruit will be served later. There are hammocks hanging by the water invitingly on a quiet beach that is deserted albeit a lone fisherman gliding by on a canoe.


The Honest Guide to Becoming a Travel Blogger

Travel blogging seems like the unicorn of careers; those who aspire to do it wonder where to begin, how to get started and if they’ll ever build a following. As someone who continues to build The Pin the Map Project on a daily basis and who (to this day) is surprised when an amazing opportunity arises from my blog, I can attest to the fact that becoming a travel blogger is possible; here’s how.

mercado de bazurto

On Assignment in Cartagena’s Local Mercado de Bazurto

Regarded as a sort of “I dare you” destination, the Mercado de Bazurto is only 15 minutes east of Cartagena’s city center and offers an entirely different glimpse of the local culture and cuisine. So, when given the assignment to visit Cartagena’s local market on behalf of VICE Munchies, I was more than eager to check out the chaotic, bustling and bare bones Mercado de Bazurto.

colorful cartagena

The Ultimate Guide to Cartagena, Colombia

  It’s evening in Cartagena and I wander out into the balmy night towards a humble looking plaza in Getsemani, just steps away from the Casa Santa Ana Hotel I am staying at. Up ahead, filmmaker Jeff Cerulli and I spot a crowd of people around the Plaza Trinidad; some sitting on the stone steps… [Read More]


Bloggers & Brands Part 1: How Brands Choose Influencers

  This past weekend I had the pleasure of being a speaker at the annual New York Travel Festival, which brings together travel experts, writers and professionals for a series of panel discussions and speaking events that covered everything from travel careers to industry trends. I joined a panel alongside Lee Abbamonte (the youngest American… [Read More]


A Traveler’s Guide to Wine Tasting

  It is Monday evening in New York City and the sky is grumbling with thunder as rain runs down my apartment window. It is a dreary night in the Empire State–the kind of evening where you will find me curled up on my couch with a glass of red wine, my Macbook balancing on… [Read More]


Unique Travel Gifts to Make an Impression

Perhaps it will be a travel-inspired necklace for a friend, an album of our trip to Europe for my boyfriend, a box of global treats for my mother or an experience in Italy for my father. Whatever the occasion, the following guide of unique travel gifts will let your family, friends and loved one unwrap the world.