The Traveler Series: Casey of True Colours

This week on The Traveler Series, meet Casey of the visually stunning travel blog, True Colours. Casey and her husband, Nick, bring their adventures to life on True Colours with Casey as the voice and Nick as the eye behind the photography.


Discovering China with Panda Guides

While my travel style is all about living like a local and getting lost in a destination, I like to rely on guidebooks to give me a deeper understanding of the culture I’m visiting and the history that surrounds it.


Fighting Hunger in America with ‘A Place at the Table’

Like most, when I hear of famine I picture a child from sub-Sahara Africa with a swollen belly and sallow face sitting on the floor of a dirt-packed hut. The last thing I imagine is an overweight person in small town America with a paying job and relatively pulled together appearance. My thoughts on hunger always seem to gravitate towards the extreme–if one is hungry they must be homeless, unemployed and devastatingly thin–a notion that many carry and that this film aims to disprove. In fact, obesity and hunger go hand in hand in America as do a variety of sicknesses associated with malnutrition.


Healthy on Hiatus: Staying Sick-Free Abroad

I’ll admit it, I’m a bit of a hypochondriac–the type of person to cringe when reading WebMD, sweat profusely at the slightest increase in my heartbeat and sleep with a bottle of mosquito spray when in a third world country. While my tendency to lean towards the dramatic when it comes to health is something to scoff at when home, when abroad my worry about contracting something has led me to prioritize avoiding sickness during my travels. From probiotics to basic street-wise habits, these are my top tips for staying healthy while on hiatus.


The Traveler Series: World Teach Volunteer, Elayna Tekle

This week on The Traveler Series meet Elayna Tekle, a travel-enthusiast who spent a year abroad teaching English in the Marshall Islands as part of a World Teach volunteer program. Here I interview Elayna on what inspired her to volunteer abroad, how she adapted to Marshallese culture and her best travel advice.


In Living Color: The Color Run 5K

Within in an instant the world around me is a rosy pink and I stop running to watch as my arms, legs and sneakers start to turn pink as well. Around me runners are dancing in this pink snow globe of color, laying on the ground and making pink snow angels, living la vie en rose. Throughout the course of this 5K, I run through more clouds of color–vibrant hues of blue speckle my hair, bright green sticks to my clothing and orange hugs my ankles–turning me into a living and breathing work of art.


The Traveler Series: Carmen of La Carmina Blog

This week on The Traveler Series meet Carmen of La Carmina–she is a Canadian blogger, author and TV host who swapped law school for a colorful career writing about alternative travel, fashion and pop culture. Known for her Harajuku-style, Carmen (who goes by La Carmina) is a popular blogger who has been writing full-time, hosting travel TV shows around the… [Read More]


Must-Have Travel Apps for your Next Trip

With the touch of a finger, today’s travel apps can do everything from find you affordable airfare, comfortable accommodations, overcome language barriers and keep you connected to friends and family back home. Although I like to disconnect from technology when I travel, my travel apps are essential in the planning phase of my trip and can even lend a hand when I’m abroad.

Bay Essence Crystal and Francisco Pin the Map Project Traveler Series

The Traveler Series: Crystal and Francisco of Bay Essence

This week on The Traveler Series, meet Crystal and Francisco of the travel blog, Bay Essence. After a meeting in Valparaíso in 2009 and spending a semester together followed by two and a half years in a long distance relationship, Francisco and Crystal are now building a life together in Santiago de Chile.


Movies & Books that Inspire Wanderlust

When the monotony of the corporate world, the hurriedness of New York City and lack of immediate travel plans have me scanning airline sites like a religion, I turn towards feel-good books and inspiring movies that take me on an adventure, fuel my wanderlust & leave me breathless with excitement for my next trip.

buenos aires

Why I’ve Decided to Travel Solo to Argentina

Ever since I began considering traveling solo to Buenos Aires in late August, my mind has been flooded with questions: Where will I stay? Will I be safe? How will I get from the airport to my accommodations? Will I make any friends? What if I’m robbed? Who will be my in case of emergency contact? The list goes on.


Thoughts on Traveling Alone

While the idea of traveling solo has always existed, as of late it seems to have reached a fever pitch as women embrace travel and all its intricacies with open arms. Rather than fear strangers and the dangers that may live abroad, women are staying savvy, street-smart and open to the experience of discovering themselves against the backdrop of an exotic location.

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The Instagram Accounts Every Traveler Should Follow

Of the hundreds of thousands of Instagram users who upload photos of everything from a delicious looking meal to an idyllic sunset, the following 10 Instagram users both inspire my own photography, have managed to generate a following and share gorgeous snapshots that fuel my wanderlust and remind to appreciate the simple things in life.


The Traveler Series: Rachel Sales of Pink Pangea

This week on The Traveler Series, meet Rachel Sales of Pink Pangea, a travel community for women to swap stories and connect. Rachel is the co-founder and editor of Pink Pangea and, along with co-founder Jaclyn Mishal, started the Pink Pangea community after growing frustrated with the lack of information for female travelers.