The Pin the Map Project Guide to Cartagena (available for FREE download!)

I have now been to Cartagena three times in the past three years and the city never fails to take my breath away. Each time I arrive in Colombia’s seaside destination, I discover something I haven’t before and fall in love all over again. Having recently published my first travel book—The Pin the Map Project Guide to NYC—via the CreateTrips app, I’m THRILLED to announce that my second travel book, The Pin the Map Project Guide to Cartagena is now available for FREE download.


8 Tips to Becoming a Travel Writer

Even with a degree in journalism and a travel writing course at MatadorU under my belt, I am always learning new tricks when it comes to pitching editors, networking with other travelers and getting published. Here, I share my best tips on breaking into the wonderfully unpredictable, inspiring and beautiful world of travel writing.

9 Things to Know Before Visiting Madrid

9 Things to Know Before Visiting Madrid

Claire is the budding travel blogger behind Traveltio, an online destination documenting her many adventures and travel experiences she’s enjoyed around the world! Here, she Claire shares her 9 best tips for a first time visitor to Madrid.

5 Steps to Becoming a Travel Blogger

5 Steps to Becoming a Travel Blogger

Travel blogging seems like the unicorn of careers; those who aspire to do it wonder where to begin, how to get started and if they’ll ever build a following. As someone who continues to build The Pin the Map Project on a daily basis and who (to this day) is surprised when an amazing opportunity arises from my blog, I can attest to the fact that becoming a travel blogger is possible; here’s how.

The Ultimate Guide to New York’s Best Coffee Shops

6 Favorite Coffee Shops in New York City

I don’t have an office, rather I have a coffee shop where my co-workers are writers and artists who set up their laptops and fuel their craft with cappuccinos and French pastries. I simply adore the little flowers that dot my “office” and the music that seems to inspire my writing as much as the caffeine that fuels it. New York City is bursting with coffee houses; consider this your definitive guide to New York’s BEST ones to sit and relax a while.

A Traveler's Love Letter

A Traveler’s Love Letter

  Sometimes words fail me at a time like this when emotions are simply too blinding to be contained by mere syllables. You have lit up my life like a shooting star that dazzles the darkest of nights and holds all the promise and whimsy of the world. I have traveled throughout South America, kayaked with… [Read More]

What Not to Miss in Bali

What Not to Miss in Bali

Travel blogger and Indonesia-based expat, Justine Lopez of Travel Lush, shares her must-see spots in Bali and what every traveler should not miss while visiting this beautiful country.

NYC Travel Dinner Series

You’re Invited! The Launch of the NYC Travel Dinner Series

I have always wanted to start a dinner series to bring together travelers in New York. I’ve always had the idea of creating a series that would take place at different ethnic restaurants each time so that in addition to talking travel, we would take our palates on a global tour of the world. I am thrilled to say I have finally decided to turn thoughts into action and create such an event aptly titled the NYC Travel Dinner Series to bring our travel network closer together!

Style Essentials for the Savvy Traveler

Style Essentials for the Savvy Traveler (+ the New Pin the Map Travel Shop!)

In the time that I’ve globe-trotted–from solo traveling in Argentina to reviewing hotels in Europe to heading on assignment in Colombia later this month–I’ve picked up a few travel style essentials that have become ingrained in my wardrobe and beauty selections. Whether hoisting my favorite camera bag on my shoulder or pulling on my favorite motorcycle jacket, the following items are as synonymous with my style as The Pin the Map Project is with my travels.


What Not to Miss in London

To give readers a look into London and the abundance of activities, historic sights, splendor and cuisine it boasts, guest contributor Henry Will–who has a wide knowledge of the London Travel and Property Market–has shared his top must-do items for this iconic city–from a cruise down the Thames to the best pubs in town.

Dominique Ansel Creates New York’s Perfect Ice Cream

Where to Find the Best Ice Cream in NYC

Now, in my late twenties, I can tell the mark of a good ice cream when I don’t just pick out the best parts but actually finish the whole cone. The following spots in NYC have passed my own personal ice cream test as it would be a crime to simply pick apart these treats and not devour the whole thing.


The Only New York City Guide You’ll Ever Need (and it’s FREE!)

he Pin the Map Project Guide to New York City shares everything from insider eats around the city to charming coffee shops to speakeasies, hotels and off-the-beaten path ideas! With over 40 different places included in the guide, I spent time culling together my best tips for what to do, see and eat in NYC. My first Create Trips guide is now available now for FREE, as a gift to my readers, via the Create Trips app which is also available for free download in the iTunes store!