In Living Color: The Color Run 5K

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I can feel my feet hitting the pavement and my heart pounding in my chest as my mind whines like little kids in the back seat of a car “are we there yet?” “can we please stop running now?”  I tune out the complaints and run faster towards the cloud of pink smoke up ahead. Within in an instant the world around me is a rosy pink and I stop running to watch as my arms, legs and sneakers start to turn pink as well.  Around me runners are dancing in this pink snow globe of color, laying on the ground and making pink snow angels, living la vie en rose. Throughout the course of this 5K, I run through more clouds of color–vibrant hues of blue speckle my hair, bright green sticks to my clothing and orange hugs my ankles–turning me into a living and breathing work of art. Admittedly, I’m not a fan of running but when a 5K promises to be the “happiest 5K on the planet” it’s hard not to enjoy it.


Founded in 2011, the Color Run began as an event to inspire health and happiness in local communities by bringing people together to run an unconventional 5K. Color runners show up dressed in white and are splashed with paint and powder until they are a mosaic of hues standing at the finish line. The Color Run is a unique event that both encourages health and individuality as well as philanthropy. Having donated more than $3 million to charities in the past, the Color Run gives runners the chance to make a charitable donation as part of their race registration packet. In my first experience with the Color Race, I had a memorable time and the most fun on a run that I can remember. The Color Run has grown to host over 170 events in 30+ countries, leaving a trail of smiles, health and color in its wake.


To learn more about the Color Run and register for an upcoming race, visit their website here



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