What is The Pin the Map Project?

Travel Planning

Planning a trip does not start when you pack your bags but rather goes back months—sometimes years—to the inception of an idea and goal to see the world. Whether planning for a week trip to Colombia or a 6 month tour of Asia, people can be deterred by travel because the process of planning is often unclear and can seem overwhelming. Saving money, choosing destinations, picking accommodations and putting your home life on hold are big steps that require more than a few sentences in a travel guide, yet often travel bloggers skip over these details and rush to the destination. 


Having lived in New York City for almost 5 years, my fiance and I have decided to save money, break routine and travel the world long-term in 2016 before we hit the age of 30. Our plan, dubbed The Pin the Map Project, will eventually take us from the busy streets of Manhattan to the mountains of Nepal to the streets of Vietnam. With both of us working at advertising firms and lacking any sort of trust-fund, it is up to us to take our dream of traveling and turn it into a reality. We started The Pin the Map Project as a way to inspire readers to step outside of their comfort zones and start traveling the world–one pin at a time. Feeling that there is a gap in the travel space for transitioning from a 9-5 to globetrotter, we plan to document our journey every step of the way: from saving money, leaving our jobs, packing up our lives in New York to journeying to South East Asia.


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    What a great idea. I sometimes find planning an overseas holiday a bit overwhelming, but in the big o/s moves planning is the absolute key to staying sane. All the best.


  1. […] It’s the type of book you wish would never end. From the moment you begin reading The Lost Girls, it feels like you’ve hiked your backpack up on your shoulders and fallen into step with Jen, Amanda and Holly as they simultaneously navigate their late twenties and the world. Making their way from New York to Australia, the book gives each girl’s perspective as they meet backpackers, volunteer in Kenya, find peace in India and battle irate taxi drivers in South East Asia. As I read The Lost Girls, I walked away with life lessons, great trip ideas and destinations to store away as I plan for my own long-term tour in 2016.  […]

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